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Servicing for Magnetic Lifters and Chucks

Expert Servicing for Magnetic Lifters and Chucks: Compliance with PUWER (1998)

Ensure the longevity and safety of your magnetic lifters and chucks with our specialised servicing capabilities for magnetic lifters and chucks.

As per the requirements outlined in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) of 1998, it is essential to conduct annual inspections and maintenance on magnetic lifters – a responsibility we take seriously.

That's why we offer a comprehensive servicing package for magnetic lifters and magnetic chucks, helping you to comply with regulation, ensure the safety of your workers and maximise the lifespan of your magnetic equipment. 

Why Annual Servicing Matters

Regular servicing is not just a regulatory obligation; it is a fundamental step in guaranteeing the optimal performance and safety of your magnetic lifters and chucks.

PUWER (1998) mandates that lifting equipment, including magnetic lifters, undergoes thorough inspections and maintenance to identify and rectify any issues promptly.

This proactive approach not only ensures compliance but also minimises the risk of equipment failure, safeguarding both personnel and productivity.

At Eclipse Magnetics, we bring our extensive knowledge and technical expertise to the forefront, offering dedicated servicing for magnetic lifters and chucks. Our servicing capabilities encompass a comprehensive range of tasks designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of your equipment.

Our Service Offering Includes:

Detailed Inspection

Our skilled technicians conduct a meticulous inspection of your magnetic lifters and chucks, assessing components for wear, damage, or any signs of potential issues.

Functional Testing

We perform rigorous functional tests to ensure that your magnetic lifters and chucks operate seamlessly and meet the required performance standards.

Component Replacement

Any worn or damaged components are replaced with genuine Eclipse Magnetics parts, ensuring the continued reliability of your equipment.

Calibration and Adjustment

Precise calibration and adjustment are carried out to guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of your magnetic lifters and chucks.

Documentation and Certification

Upon completion of the servicing, we provide detailed documentation and a certification report, serving as tangible proof of compliance with PUWER (1998).

How Often Do Magnetic Lifters Need To Be Serviced?

Magnetic lifters need to be regularly maintained and serviced regularly to ensure their safe, reliable and efficient operation. 

In line with PUWER 1998 :“Lifting Equipment” must be thoroughly examined and, where appropriate inspected, by a competent person at least every 12 months or 6 months in case of “accessories for lifting”. For areas outside the EU it must be inspected and maintained in compliance with local work standards and other standards for suspended load holding. Should the data plates become detached or damaged please contact us immediately for replacements.

We recommend the following regular checks to ensure safety and maximise the lifespan of your magnetic lifter: 

Choose Eclipse Magnetics For Peace Of Mind

Partnering with Eclipse Magnetics for your magnetic lifter and chuck servicing needs means entrusting your equipment to experts who understand the importance of precision and reliability. Our commitment to excellence extends from manufacturing to servicing, ensuring that your equipment consistently meets the highest standards.

Don't compromise on safety or performance. Contact Eclipse Magnetics today to schedule your annual servicing for magnetic lifters and chucks. Our skilled technicians are ready to provide you with a thorough inspection and maintenance service, keeping your equipment in optimal condition and your operations running smoothly.

Invest in the longevity and reliability of your magnetic lifters and chucks with Eclipse Magnetics – your trusted partner in superior magnetic solutions and servicing excellence.